Q: What file formats do you accept?

A: We can work with virtually any audio or video file format.  Ideally you would send us the original recording, uncompressed audio file, or the closest thing you have.

Q: What do you need to repair my audio?

A: At a minimum we need the audio file that you want repaired.  It is often helpful to have a reference file of what your recordings normally sound like, if you want us to attempt to match the audio to your other recordings.

Q: How much will it cost to get my audio repaired?

A: We have a minimum charge of $50 for our services.  Contact us for a quote on your project.

Q: How long will it take to get my recording back?

A: We usually have your files ready within 24 hours.  If your recording needs extensive work, or we are very busy it may take longer, if this is the case you will be informed about this when we give you a quote.

Q: My audio is really bad, can you actually fix it?

A: Not everything is fixable.  We can’t recreate audio that is missing from the recording.  With that said we can vastly improve the quality of what is there, removing pops, clicks, background noise, and other problems with the recording.  The final results may not be perfect, but they should be a lot better than the original.

Q: What can be fixed in a recording?

A: There are a variety of problems that can be solved.  Background noise, hiss, pops, clicks, wind noise and other undesirable sound can be removed.  Reverb and echo can be reduced.  Harsh sound from distortion can be removed.  Varying levels between speakers, or over time can be compensated for.  Many other problems can be solved as well.

Q: Can you convert my recording from physical formats (Cassette tape, reel to reel, record, etc.)?

A: We can convert from some physical formats for an additional charge.  Please contact us and we can work out the details.